GC, DW, GRC BigPurrs Clover

Ahhhh, so long we have dreamed about the Odd Eyes to show themselves again in our program! And finally that moment arrived with our fantastic dream boy Clover.

But the real exciting thing about Clover is not his eye color, it’s his quality! Clover is as cobby as his brother 8 Ball and also has the huge coat factor we like. He is low on his feet, with a massive head and the full smooth doming we love. His bite and teeth are perfectly straight from day one, and his chin is strong to compliment the roundness of his head. Clover’s ears are teeny tiny things… and there could really be very little more one can wish for. What we also like about Clover’s eye color is the stunning contrast between the deep deep copper/brown eye to the blue eye.

Clover is masking bi-color van (we are not sure if red or black since he had no cap as a baby) and he is son to Lilly which comes from Odd Eyed bi-color lines. Some say the Odd Eyes in bi-colors are not related tot the Odd Eyes in whites… but we honestly don’t know which of the theories is true, and we hope that an Odd Eyed bi-color would pop one day in one of Clover’s future offspring.

Clover has now Granded both in CFA and in TICA, and was 2nd Best cat in Israel (and a DW) for the 2016-2017 show season. Clover is now retired from showing and would be focusing on making babies, leaving his mark on future generations.