GC, DW, QGC BigPurrs Triple Crown

Triple Crown (AKA Trippy) was born during the days American Pharoah was running his races to become a ‘Tripple Crown’ winner. When he has won the Kentucky Derby and has managed to become a Triple Crown winner (after 37 years where no horse has obtained the title), it was clear to me I had to name a kitten after this historic moment in horse racing. I have decided to name this little kitty Triple Crown as he also had a very special meaning to us. Trippy was one of Lilly’s last two kittens before her retirement, and was to replace his father in our breeding program when Solo’s days as a stud would be over.
I was so happy this little fella had all the quality needed to go with that ‘big name’ and a personality to match too! Trippy is the type of cat that is ‘out and about’, he likes to poke his nose into everything, be in the center of events and is afraid of nothing and no one. That makes him a very showy cat as well – as he just loves the shows!

Trippy is a very large cat, with a very sweet open expression, tiny ears, round deep copper eyes and lovely smooth round top head. He is a striking van with a nice deep red tone to his colored spots.

Trippy was shown in CFA as an adult during the 2015-2016 show seanson and in a single show has almost completed his grand title. In the first show of 2016-2017 Trippy has granded and started the season being highest scoring cat in show! Trippy has finished the season as Best Cat in Israel winning a DW.

During that season Trippy has also obtained the Double Grand Champion title in TICA.