GC, DW, TGC Eye Believe Defying Gravity (of BigPurrs)

It’s very hard to describe how excited and emotional it was for us to meet Grav for the first time. Odd Eyes in our Persians have always been our passion, and although these have expressed themselves in our cats, including in one of our boys GC, DW BigPurrs Clover, we have never seen them on a bi-color Persian in real life before.

We feel it is a true honor to add a cat like Grav to our program, as not only he posses the rare quality of being a visual Odd Eyed bi-color Persian, he is also in our opinion a top quality Persian which is suitable for siring in a breeding program for a long time.

Grav is still very young, and yet extrmely large and heavy for his age. This does not contradict the fact that he is as cobby as a ball. He is very thick boned and has a large coat factor to top it off.

Grav’s eyes are round and expressive, set wide apart with a ‘no nose’ in the center. He has the teeniest tiniest ears and a strong lovely chin to complete the roundness of his head along with a very smooth full dome.

But describing Grav’s streangths in looks is only telling half the story, as one of the things we like mostly about Grav is his personality! He is a sweet, playful and secure cat that loves playing with our cats and daughter at home, as much as he loves being shown. We could truly ask for nothing more in a cat for our program.

We are deeply and forever thankful to his breeder Maggie Mcinnis of Eye Believe Persians for choosing us to be a home for Grav. We know it was not an easy thing for her to part with him, as they were so deeply attached. Trusting us with him as his forever home is a deep honor and privilige.

Grav has been shown by us in the 2016-2017 show season and ended the season as Best Kitten in Israel earning the title of DW! Grav has granded in CFA in the 2017-2018 season and is still being shown.