GC, CH BigPurrs Dice

In BigPurrs, the white part of our program is equally important to us as the bi-color part. White Persians are not just ‘something’ we work on near the bi-colors, we consider them a specialty in their own right. This is the reason why we always wanted to have some white females in our program as well… and we waited for Idol to produce them.

However, for some time we were not very lucky in that area. Idol did produce a white female from time to time, but the show quality babies he produced were all males. This year though lady luck finally smiled at us, and she was gracious enough to compensate us for the long wait. She has give us two amazing show quality white girls in one litter! Penny and Dicey.

We can never decide which of the two we like better, but for almost a random reason I chose to show Dicey first in a show as a kitten. I must admit Dicey dropped me, and many others to the floor, when she beat her two larger brothers, and many other cats at the show making 2nd BEST of BEST in show! She was barely 4 months on this show, so such a vote of confidence from the judges in her qualities was astounding.

Dicey kept showing in 2014-1015 show season and has made CFA Grand Champion in only two shows!

We now await that she makes us beautiful BigPurrs babies…