GC Toscaninni’s Khaleesi of BigPurrs

Khali is our latest addition to the breeding program from Toscaninni’s Persians in Belgium.

We simply do not have enough words to thank her breeder Viviane Hillewaert for trusting us with this outstanding girl!

Although Khali is still very young, she is huge for her age and massive boned, like we love. She also has a huge coat to match with a cobby cobby body standing on very short ‘tree trunk’ legs. She has the sweetest charachter and facial expression, with large eyes, strong chin, teeny tiny ears and smooth full forehead. But beyond all that goodness, Khali has the most fascinating color distribution on her face!

Khali is a Calico van and her facial colors remind us of indian ‘war paint’ painted on the face of a queen! This is why we decided to name her Khaleesi after the Duthraki queen, mother of dragons from The Game of Thrones.

Khali has Granded in CFA at the 2016-2017 show season and has already produced a marvelous litter of kittens for us. We hope to show her offspring as succesfully as herself.

Thank you Viviane and Jackey for this absolutely amazing girl!