Hall of Fame

This page is dedicated to all our cats that have reached the Grand Title

CFA Grands, DWs and DMs

GC, DW BigPurrs Triple Crown

GC, DW BigPurrs Clover

GC, DW Eye Believe Defying Gravity (of BigPurrs)

GP, DW BigPurrs Arthur

GP, DW BigPurrs Blue Jasmine of Agapi Mou

GC BigPurrs Triniti

GC BigPurrs Penny

GC BigPurrs Dice

GC BigPurrs Hollywood of GinCat

CH, GP BigPurrs 8 Ball

GC Fahlberg Lilly Fee of BigPurrs DM

GC Toscannini’s Khaleesi of BigPurrs

CH, PR, DW BigPurrs Pulp

CH, DW BigPurrs StratUp of Agapi Muo

DW BigPurrs Goose Bumps of Inoel

TICA Grands of all levels and OD

QGC BigPurrs Triple Crown

QGC BigPurrs Triniti

QGCA BigPurrs Arthur

QGCA BigPurrs Blue Jasmine

TGC Jelliebeans Idol of BigPurrs

TGC Eye Believe Defying Gravity (of BigPurrs)

TGC BigPurrs Panda of Sansol

DGC BigPurrs Startup of Agapi Muo

DGC BigPurrs Hollywood of GinCat

GRC BigPurrs Clover

OD Fahlberg Lilly Fee of BigPurrs

Other Association Grands

EC (WCF) BigPurrs Hollywood of Gincat

GIC (WCF) Jelliebeans Idol of BigPurrs