GC, IC, OD Fahlberg Lilly Fee of BigPurrs DM

Lilly is one of the most influential cats on breeding program and she came to us from Fahlberg Persians in Germany. What an amazing girl she is!

Lilly is everything we could dream of in a girl. She is extremely cobby, very extreme in type, has huge eyes and the teeniest tiniest ears you could find! Her head is as wide as a boy’s head and she has no neck.
GC Fahlberg Lilly Fee of BigPurrsGC Fahlberg Lilly Fee of BigPurrs
To top that all off she was a wonderful mom and has given us large litters. Her first litter with us was a wonderful litter of 6!

We are forever grateful to Ute Freisberg and her family from Fahlberg Persians for letting us have this girl. Even though Ute has retired from breeding, we hope Lilly has made her proud by keeping her line’s legacy.

Lilly has DMed with 6 CFA Grands in the 2015-2016 season and has since then retired from breeding and spends her life as our spoiled pet. In the 2016-2017 Season Lilly has also completed her OD title in TICA totalling 8 grands under her belt in the two associations. Her last daughter is still being shown… so we expect the list of grands she has reared would get even longer – several of these cats are still in our breeding program.

Lilly is the Dam of:

  • GC, DW, QGC BigPurrs Triple Crown
  • GC, DW, GRC BigPurrs Clover
  • GC, QGC BigPurrs Triniti
  • GC, DGC, EC BigPurrs Hollywood of Gincat
  • GC, CH BigPurrs Dice
  • GC, BigPurrs Penny
  • CH, GP BigPurrs 8 Ball
  • CH, TGC BigPurrs Panda of Sansol
  • CH, BigPurrs Oasis of Sansol
  • CH, PR, DW BigPurrs Pulp